Monday, 9 January 2012

the most stupid

9 January 2012

The most. The idea I have heard comLife carbon dioxide would warm the air: gardener is use gas flames to add heat and CO2 to the air. Carbon dioxide had a warming effect they would not use a gas flame.
They would have a cage of rodents: an idea in hot countries.
Green plants convert all available carbon dioxide into carbohydrates and oxygen. At night there reverses cycle, and metabolise a tiny fraction all the oxygen they released during the day.
Global warming was seized on by nuclear power; A room for of physicists! And rule out there and talk about biology or metrology. Two subjects than there were some zero about.
All the academics who wrote papers on man made climate change should no longer be in education. East Sussex university is for our such individuals, and there is no reason to go study there!
Harvard University investigated world wide carbon dioxide levels from 2008. They power in the countryside free carbon dioxide was at the lower limit for photosynthesis: A preindustrial two parts per 1,000,000.
Cities are just too small an area to affect the global average. So since the industrial revolution the weather hasn’t been exposed to a more carbon dioxide. Crop yields have increased though!
By now sea levels should have increased by 18 feet. 25% of England would have forwarded. Television’s would be 25° C hotter all around the world! Though waterfalls and equator.
Yes that sea levels may even have fallen! As all the extra plant growth were tied up rein for and prevented running back into the seas. The world has been cooling for 14 years.
It will next warm naturally in 2026. Though some areas of the world will not experience warming until 2031.
The weather is totally controlled by nature. Plant growth is boosted by extra carbon dioxide. And hence to buy more sulphur dioxide.
Nuclear power and its stooges should be banned for ever from talking about biology’s carbon cycle. If you want to know about biology, as did Harvard! Are real university.
If you want to know about engineering sources of carbon dioxide go ask and engineering university, Mike Sheffield university. They just won’t know anything about carbon sinks.
Earning about the climate. A fact is you want to know about sources of carbon dioxide, there is something very wrong with you! You need to know about the sinks for carbon dioxide.
There are 80 times the required number of plants and bacteria to sink atmospheric carbon dioxide. If you increase the production of this gas by 0.0000175%, you are going to end or the more plants alive.
He were never going to affect world climate! If you believe carbon dioxide doesn’t affect the weather, reset high school biology! And seek treatment.
I am still waiting for my first scientist from around the world to challenge the fact that photosynthesis takes in all carbon dioxide to boost life on earth.

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