Monday, 30 January 2012

Nature does nuclear fusion

30 January 2012

On my PH D in 2001 the then Dr. Zimmerman told me that nature had a high incidence of the emission of gamma wave radiation been no source of nuclear fusion: in other words, emission of nuclear radiation without radioactive decay was throughout nature.
Similarly there production of helium gas (and free radical oxygen) where ever we have the turbulent flow of high pressure water or gas ubiquitous.
Dr. Zimmerman highlighted the importance of fluid turbulence of water on this system. He had no explanation: even though there this was the science he was working on.
I drove over to Sheffield 2009 us all the now Professor Zimmerman. I have steam about molecular nuclear fusion: where the fluid turbulence of steam or high pressure water converts the water into helium and oxygen gases, plus gamma wave radiation and heat.
This is the most important terrestrial energy source on there is! It contributes 2x1015 Watts of heat a day to the Energy System of the world.
Will has stated in 2003 that this system was not important. The relativistic conversion of helium gas into heat energy produce he added figure in last paragraph. Separate to this is the 3x1039 Watts of heat produced every 3 minutes by lightning strikes.
He has a double first in Chemical Engineering and mathematics: so the emission of nuclear radiation from systems doing nuclear fusion would be expected. He stated that he did not know about the system! Despite him having spent the last decade arguing against it.
I did not invent molecular nuclear fusion! Even though the name was thought up by professor Argent at Sheffield University.
By denying knowledge of MNF, Will Zimmerman excused himself from having any knowledge of it. He has 40 pages of information about this Energy System I have sent him. He has three doctors from Princeton concerning physics!
He both knows about the production of helium and emission of gamma wave radiation, and he knows about the massive heat production of this Energy System. In other words, he knows enough about it to deliver at 20 session lecture course on molecular nuclear fusion.
But he is still in total denial of the most important Energy System on earth. It is talking about the science it is actively researching. His reason for not wishing to discuss molecular nuclear fusion is that ‘it does not fit with his paid research’.
Not that it isn’t real. Not that the mass shown it is vitally important to biology and life on earth. Just that he isn’t paid to engage with it. He is not age ended for gravity even. But his feet are still firmly anchored on the ground.
Denying truth is a sign of a derelict mind. Prof Zimmerman has three doctors from Princeton. They value thought. And engaging with the physical world. He should be all over molecular nuclear fusion. He properly is.
Whoever is not apparently interested in the Energy System which will power our futures. That produces power with no carbon dioxide or toxic plutonium. That totally destroys the idea of nuclear fusion.
That is a toxic, polluting, fatal and uneconomic industry.

Jonathan Thomason

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