Friday, 6 January 2012

Not energetic

A flame of carbohydrates burning in the oxygen should be enter climate: the oxidation of carbohydrates into carbon dioxide and water should take in energy.
How a a flame gives out gamma wave radiation and. This is only possible with massively exothermic reactions. It is the province solely of nuclear reactions. Use of a Geiger counter will demonstrate that this is so.
No part of combustion shows do nuclear stuff. Yet the flame will contain helium gas. There is no chemical source of helium. If we D gas the carbohydrates, will find there is no reservoir of helium gas.
If we burn a candle in a bomb calorimeter we will find the calendar will burn faster, the flame will give out more radiation and the visible radiation will be shifted into the year the range: until the oxygen is depleted.
No flame should give out visible light. But flames of carbohydrates and hydrocarbons do as they do molecular nuclear fusion. This is a nice way to prove MNF.
The NI H has candles and Geiger counters. So it can prove MNF. Sheffield University is ideally placed to research molecular nuclear fusion.
But anyone be in the world with a decent laboratory can do it: all the chemical departments in the world are struggling. This is an area of paid research could save them.

Jonathan Thomason

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