Monday, 9 January 2012

Not pumping out


Mankind is very puny: the dinosaurs rained for 6.5 million years. The whole of human do not society is just at 2,500 years! 80% of the carbon dioxide emitted daily is from animals breathing this gas out. It is why animals evolved!
The mass extinction of the cretaceous killed 90% of life on earth: the most serious mass extinction of prehistory. The death of the dinosaurs only wiped out 85% of life. This formed all the fossil fuels we are now burning. Mankind’s engine’s country 0.0000175% extra carbon dioxide to nature is huge carbon emissions.
This will return life to the surface of the world. But plants taking in 100% of the day the emission of carbon dioxide. And use it for photosynthesis: to create carbohydrates excrete ink the surplus oxygen.
Harvard University found that average global carbon dioxide has not increased since the industrial revolution. But crop yields had increased by 15%! The gas levels in town is too insignificant to affect the global average.
Strangely enough, the weather doesn’t warm by 25° C as interstellar. It warns are at 2° C produced by all the heat generated power mankind as heat is. If you confirm the climate in and out of town, there is no effect attributable to the carbon dioxide.
Gardeners know this! They use a gas flame to boost the carbon dioxide levels and so increase plant growth. But the heat of the flame increases the temperature in the greenhouse, and that increases plant growth.
If you introduce carbon dioxide from the centre, you increase plant growth but do not eat up the air of the greenhouse at all. The term greenhouse gas is from the 1950s film Soylent Green. After Chernobyl nuclear power Samid declare that carbon dioxide was a greenhouse gas. With no scientific evidence to this fact.
Gonna spend a lot of money introducing extra carbon dioxide. Just recently commercial gardens in Holland have started piping the exhaust gases from power stations into greenhouses. Great idea!
Hot, carbon and sulphur dioxide heavy air. For the cost of one pump!
Green plants produce helium and gamma wave radiation as they do photosynthesis: so the latter is really carbon capsized molecular nuclear fusion. Deep. Sea. currents turn water into helium and oxygen gases plus heat and gamma wave radiation. So they do molecular nuclear fusion for free.
Your heart and arteries give off gamma wave radiation as you heart beats. And you breathe out helium gas! So your heart does molecular nuclear fusion. Power with no carbon dioxide or plutonium.
Lightning uses a steam plasma to liberate in three sections more energy than mankind has ever generated! Again for free. Gas Power is massively overpriced. A steam plasma tube will do molecular nuclear fusion for free.
Turning regular water into helium and oxygen gases plus very low power gamma wave radiation and heat: like your beating heart does! Gas and oil are massively overpriced. Nuclear fission is toxic, polluting, fatal and dearer.
Be generating Power Systems are safer, that are available. Molecular nuclear fusion is safe, clean and free. And I have been telling Sheffield University about it says 2003. They are two addicted to the phantom science of man made global warming, ever to notice that photosynthesis make sea of biological impossibility: PR from nuclear power.
Molecular nuclear fusion is the answer to fusion power requirements. Nuclear fission is the answer to persistent life.

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