Sunday, 1 January 2012

Pumping out

Since the industrial revolution mankind has emitted 0.0000175% additional carbon dioxide every day.
The carbon dioxide is a result of burning hydrocarbons. These formed from a carbohydrates of the 85% of life which died with the dinosaurs in late Jurassic. There is no source of carbon dioxide that is not natural.
We are re-establishing the life that died with the dinosaurs. The Jurassic age had three natural ice ages before the fossil fuels formed. Then all the carbon was circulating as carbon dioxide or carbohydrates.
So if we burn all the carbon fuels we do not affect the climate. But we increase life on earth today by 85%.
The carbon fuels formed from compounds of carbon in nature. In contrast nature does not do toxic nuclear fission from uranium. And the man is actions are stupid enough to do nuclear fusion.

Jonathan Thomason

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