Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Rain does fusion

By JonThm9@aol.com

Heavy rain produces heat and gives off nuclear radiation. It produces helium and free radical oxygen: the latter bonds with molecular oxygen to form ozone. We get the same effect at waterfalls or in the countryside.
It is nature doing molecular nuclear fusion from water: the rain drops collide as they fall to Earth and overcome the strong atomic force for hydrogen, so we form helium and oxygen. Plus loads of heat!
This is the most important heat system for biology: even solar radiation does molecular nuclear fusion as he passes through moist air or falls into bodies of water. We get 2x1015 Watts of heat a day from this system. This masterly dewarfs all man is power plants!
It produces no carbon dioxide and no toxic plutonium, we can do it via a helical turbulence of high pressure water-Prof Zimmerman as idea! Are via a steam plasma in a tube-my idea copying lightning!
One of the most effects of rain doing nuclear fusion, is that it fixes the organic nitrogen that life needs! And it is carried down to earth via the rain storm.
Nature does so much molecular nuclear fusion; why has no scientist notice before?

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