Sunday, 29 January 2012

A static trace gas

29 January 2012
Every academic professional was taught in high school biology, that photosynthesis controls the level of carbon dioxide globally. Cities and towns are too minuscule an area to affect the global average.
So every academic professional on this planet knew that global carbon dioxide levels can rise. Supposed level changes in cities are of no consequence. The date are on high levels never comes the date or location information.
Even in cities carbon dioxide levels for also global average of two parts per 1,000,000. Bubbles of 300 parts per million, are just stupid! They could never be maintained, or even reached in city centres in the rush hour near diesel exhausts.
These numbers of pure fabrication to benefit the interests of nuclear power-the most toxic industry on earth! Go past Chernobyl and Fukushima.
Fukushima happened after 35 years of safety improvements. A just demonstrated that the world should not tried to two nuclear fission. Which is why Japan and Germany no longer do.
The most fascist societies on earth think nuclear fission is too dangerous. It is also too expensive, polluting and toxic!
EDF of a second largest nuclear company on earth. And they want to build new nuclear power plants in England. They have no hope. Global warming and man made climate change are based on a biologically impossible rise of carbon dioxide in the air.
All the academics who have ever written papers on man made climate change have no place in education. Institutions employing them also have no place in education.

Jonathan Thomason

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