Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Stupid science

By JonThm9@aol.com
Man made climate change is either stupid science says man made global warming: world has been cooling naturally since 1998. Historically carbon dioxide rises only in an ice ages. So on to suggest that carbon dioxide would never warm the air devise historical evidence.
Carbon dioxide tracks plant growth cycles, so likes the climate by four years. It has never had any forcing effect on the climate. How could it? It is a trace gas. Which says it is below any effective level which would affect the weather. That’s going to have a bit more.
Photosynthesis takes in carbon dioxide. So free carbon dioxide in the air runs at the lower limit for photosynthesis. Hence during an ice ages carbon dioxide rises. Otherwise the amount of life on earth is directly proportional to carbon dioxide circulating in the environment.
In the Jurassic there was 65% more life on earth of even their ears today. A lot of ears as forests. Then a comet wiped out 85% of life on earth. The carbohydrates abducted to the deep, and under the anaerobic conditions formed the hydrocarbons.
A lot of fossil fuels are as coal. Formed from the worldwide forests. The oil formed from deep sea life. We got massive abduction of the tectonic plates, and the old sea floors found themselves in the deep magma chambers.
Geothermal steam percolated up through the carbohydrates: a process called for fracking. This turned the carbohydrates into helium and methane: it does deep molecular nuclear fusion. At 250° C. We turn water and carbohydrates into methane, helium and oxygen. The oxygen is water soluble, so when out in the geothermal water.
We are left with pockets are methane and helium. When we extract this gas, it is as natural gas. So the natural gas has helium in it. Though there is no chemical source of helium. And all prehistoric helium would have escaped a space millions of years ago.
Even now geothermal water passes through carbohydrates, and we get methane and helium. So the methane carbon dates to be late Jurassic when there carbohydrates abducted into the deep.
If we have exposed deep platinum the methane linked up to form the long chain hydrocarbons we extract as oil. This means there are 10,000 years of natural gas we can extract through fracking.
But we can do better than that! A steam plasma turns regular water into helium and oxygen gases plus loads of heat. In time the oxygen fissions into beryllium, boron, helium and then the hydrogen fissions into light and heat. This is molecular nuclear fusion. We years a physical variety, like we experience of the deep sea currents, or at waterfalls!
Nature does not do toxic nuclear fission: but all organisms on earth do biological molecular nuclear fusion. Which is why all life produces helium and free radical oxygen. While emitting gamma wave radiation as it produces heat.
Your heart does it as it beats! Nuclear fission is the way of death. Molecular nuclear fusion is the way of life. Four times more energy. And totally nontoxic. It uses regular water rather than enriched uranium.
Game over for nuclear power.

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