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7 January 2012
All science professors were taught at high school and biology is carbon cycle: green plants take in all available carbon dioxide during the day, building carbohydrates and excreting oxygen.
This has the effect that carbon dioxide is limited to two parts per 1,000,000 in the countryside outside an ice age: cities are just too small an area to be important to the climate.
Interestingly enough, climate pundits climate in value of between three and a 40 and 390 parts per 1,000,000. With no location, date or time mentioned. Purely fictitious date. Which is impossible to contest.
But the value in the countryside around the world is 2ppm or year: as confirmed by Harvard University from a survey between 2008 and 2010 and. No climate pundits has never contested the validity of this number. Because it is easy to verify or around the world.
So carbon dioxide has increased plant growth but the static level of this trace gas in the air can have no effect on the climate. No data set the same it dance has ever existed.
Yet for 36 years professors of physics and engineering have spurted rubbish and the climate! They talked about global warming, until the world started cooling 1998.
Now they talk about man made climate change: there is an oxymoron for your! They don’t say what it means, but any weather event can be hailed as proof of the mythical science.
But all professors know that photosynthesis has transformed all man is carbon emissions into additional life on earth. The been no carbon dioxide to affect the climate.
Now we have European Union proposing a carbon tax: the statute that drew up the European community specifically made anti competitive walls illegal. A tax which famous that toxic nuclear power industry is illegal under European law!
All those professors should obviously not be in education: though I was told says 2003 (five years after the world started cooling) or academic work on global warming had ceased.
So it was decided that carbon dioxide do not warm the air! After saying for 25 years that he did! Or rather although as academics the wires nuclear contracts studied rubbish.
Nuclear power is the enemy of life on earth: go ask Fukushima. Or Chernobyl. Or windscale.

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