Friday, 6 January 2012

TV Extra

The Oasis is Salford college doing media
and performance: the BBC is 3 miles down
the road. Desiring students trained in
the performing arts. Next door is the
Lowry devouring talent and delighting
in individuals strutting their stuff
in a creative way.
Yes I have strutted, and sung and entertained
Manchester. Like a trained monkey dancing
on a hotplate in the hope of their evening
meal. The staff at the Lowry now recognise
me as a singer. I should be dead. This is the
best life ever.
A life I did not dare to help lay hidden in
my damaged brain: my car accident surgically
removed 30% of it. But left behind the grey matter
that runs its fingers on the sheet music
and compels my voice to oscillate a rhythmic
During the week we can Oasis irrigating the dry
lands between Eccles and the quays. Dispensing
our nuggetes of media gold, to amuse and train the
students of future. They are our future. We must
train them well. ‘I am you father!’ said Darth
To his son and future-the Luke!
I have time, I have talent I need to engage
with 6th form psyche: to winnow out the
grains that will delight future televisions: when
the quays becomes media city UK. When I will sit
with joy and watch the students I helped spring
into flower.
Blooming performance brilliance! That
will entertain the world. Singing, act-
ing and stroking the brains of the hard
working for a while. Designed light
and joy into the lives of everybody
who sees and hears their collective brilliance
And yes, I am not bad either. When
I’m not working as a TV extra, I will be
working to make the students creates TV extra!
M50 T/F 0161 848-0416

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