Wednesday, 25 January 2012

We live in the fusion age

25 January 2012
In heavy rain the water drops collide so strongly some of them convert into helium and oxygen gases plus loads of heat and gamma wave radiation!
Their helium and oxygen are as ons! Which is why the air crackles with electricity. The positive helium carriers its charge to above the clouds. The negative falls to the ground! So a rain storm is like a massive battery.
When we have built up 5000 volts of charge we get a lightening strike! This forms five tonnes of helium gas, and gives off massive amounts of nuclear radiation while producing oxygen.

So in three seconds we generate a million, million, million times the air to see than mankind has ever generated. And there is one lightening strike every 3 minutes around the world.
We lose the inert helium to space, and breathe in the oxygen! This fertilises the ground to allow plants to grow: and so support all animal life on earth!
So a lightning strike is powered by a rain cloud: and turns regular water into inept helium and oxygen gases. And liberating massive amounts of energy.
No carbon dioxide, and no toxic plutonium! Nuclear fusion from regular water! The

Jonathan Thomason

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