Thursday, 15 March 2012

Applying ultrasound

15 March 2012

Ultrasound is very high pitched sound, even above the range dogs can hear. It vibrates the cells of the body. Normal body cells have a multi cellular mesh that gives them support. So there cells are vibrated. But they are by flexible, and flaccid.
In contrast viral and cancer cells divided using the single cell methods. So we end up with an undifferentiated, non supported, cell mess. The cells demand extra blood, to give them a vitality have landed over the immune system.
This makes tumour clusters hard! When we hit them with ultrasound the cancer or viral cells explode. The scattering of lose DNA into the bloodstream provokes a four immune assault on that cell type! As the body now thinks the cancer cell is harming of the body cells.
It targets the novel genome of the cancer: which transpires two fragments of old infections that your immune system hasn’t fully cleared! The non dangerous bit, that give infections and have an teach on the host immune system.
I had term these pathogen leaders: and all cancers out there share six common pathogen leaders. Which we have just persuaded the body to recognise as dangerous.
We never get a four immune assault on a cancer primary and secondaries, for potentially 199 of the 200 cancers out there. We can trick the immune system into making an auctioning specific antibodies against novel genome, by giving a drip of interleukin two and four. This will clear all other cancers from the body.
One outpatient appointment will clear cancer! But he will not stop you catching another infection. It is essential that you treat other infections with a short burst of ultrasound to prevent cancer forming.
This is the best idea! Stop cancer and heart disease forming from your infective past.

Jonathan Thomason

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