Thursday, 15 March 2012

Buzzing cancer


Infections evolved from single cell animals. And sell a stilted single cell type division: even if they are budding of body cells! Or in the case of bacteria, borrowing the B cells to copy out a rudimentary cell structure. Designed for empathic bacteria!
All infections years endolethial growth factor to our Tamar more blood supplies! So they can be vital, in an aged body! This results in their cells being unsupported masses of cells, which are over inflated.
In contrast, body cells are bodied off the stem cells! And have very tight multi cellular, appropriate tissue, cell checks: this is why he pathogens do not use multi cellular division. This is the angle!
Dr. Matzinger of the NI H postulated that cancer tumours do no cell damage! She was nearly right. All the necrosis going on in that your body, as body cells was off other body cells, is engulfed by the body tumour to prevent the clustering dendrites seeing any cell damage!
During exploratory surgery it is worth wearing rubber gloves. And squeezing any tumour see, and robbing it between your fingertips! This will cause the release of cell contents. The immune system will end target the novel cancer genome.
Cancer forms from sex omni present viral enzymes; which I had term pathogen leaders! So all cancers use sex of the same pathogen leaders. There is the single cell type division, and getting extra blood supplies are to the six! They are also used by a bacteria, and shared by passing strands of RNA.
These get into cessated cells, and set up a viral rump. So cancer is a post viral problem! The lack of substantive cell damage is why the immune system doesn’t clearing it! He does see the unique genome, but the lack of cell damage gets the body to treated as empathic!
But we can make the body sea cancer is dangerous. If we apply intermediate power ultrasound, via two directional emitters, we can focus the ultrasound on a cancer tumour! Lower power ultrasound shows us where the tumours are.
Suddenly the inflated cancer cells start exploding! And the rest of the tumour can’t engulf the cell fragments. The clustering dendrites around the tumour no longer each a four immune assault on that cell type! Where ever it is encounters in the body.
The body now seas cancer as dangerous! Not realizing that we have augmented the danger effect with a quick blast of ultrasound. There are 200 sorts of cancer out there. This technique will cure of 199: sods law says there will be once on a cancer require a more work.
We can give a drip of interleukin two and four, to launch an immune assault on any non native genome found in the body. This includes HIV and leukaemia.
Rewind the calendar to 1988: I suffered 30% brain damage in a car accident, and nearly died. But now we all get to live!

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