Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Clearing cancer

In 2001 I suggested high powered ultrasonics might be useful to treat cancer! From 2002 the medics in Florida found that intermediate level ultrasonics cured cancer. And in so doing, removes all cancer tumours from the body!
Intermediate level ultrasonic sound waves are simple to generate and administer. The experience of the Americans was the one outpatient appointment two is prostate cancer.
I had a job working in ultrasonics in 1983: as a metallurgist, where we use much greater ultrasonic sound waves! I also know enough cell biology to know why this method works! And why he will clear all secondaries.
Its because the cancer cells are swollen up and hard. This means such cells will fragment, while body cells will belly wobble! We can introduce the ultrasound from handheld devices external to the body! Using the setup employed to remove kidney stones.
No four wall our treatment or drunks are required! And MRI scan to show the location of cancer tumours is essential. Cancer has just been cured.

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