Monday, 12 March 2012


12 March 2012

Nuclear power has only realized that green plants metabolise carbon dioxide. So they are busy predicting the most exceptional drought since 1921. There was little economic activity then, so little carbon dioxide production!
So obviously the climate has nothing to do the carbon dioxide. By pushing the idea of drought so hard, they had totally undermined their phantom science of man made climate change. Nature is obviously important one to watch!
But O level for physics tells you that raising sea water of a metre by a vacuum pump, will coals the see water to boil. So you extract pure water vapour! You have decelerated the sea, with no expensive deceleration plant.
You can use off peak power to suck pure water into the seas. You then donate this water to water companies, and they all pum bit to high storage for us. So later on, gravity was dispensed that water and they can charge.!
England is surrounded by the sea, so there is a limitless supply of water around us. In the small vacuum pump will convert it into drinkable pure water. Absolutely ideal for agriculture!

Jonathan Thomason

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