Monday, 12 March 2012

Making fresh water

12 March 2012
You have a concrete structure sitting on stilts in the see. It is 10 metres long, and tapers from 20 centimetres thick at the base, to fire centimetres wide at the top!
The top is heavily frinned, as you are going to drawing the heat from the air! At the top is a vacuum tube, which takes into the water, before rising to a vacuum pump off the bridge! This two is going to be under negative pressure, so neat Intel racing so will not collapse.
At night, the vacuum pump turns on-using off peak electricity! The see water rises up the structure, there never 80 centimetres above the see, it boils! And in so doing forms pure water vapour.
The vacuum pump transfer was a this to the solar system. At this stage the water company can transported to a high reservoirs-as a year the social water today.
The cold brine sinks down into the sea, and is replaced by fresh our warmer sea water.
We are just decelerated sea water. We pump out pure water vapour with no salt in. We have turned the seas into an inexhaustible supply of fresh water.
With no expensive desalination plant! We have used a level physics to turn sea water into drinkable pure water.
If we are clever, we use solar powered plants at the seaside during the day. There is an inexhaustible supply of fresh water-was nature has taken the sort out for us.
This is vacuum deceleration. It will end for ever always talk of hosepipe bans or a shortage of drinking water. This water is ideal for agriculture!

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