Saturday, 10 March 2012

Metallurgical examination

10 March 2012

Every ultrasound examinations or metal forgings, shows up cracks as my years of nuclear radiation emission. This can only be produced by molecular nuclear fusion happening along the stress concentrator of the crack in transfer fluid.
Nuclear fission does not happen specifically at metal cracks. Molecular nuclear fusion would! How curious that we years a water soluble fat!
And that metallurgical examinations produce macroscopic bubbles of gas on her crack! This was my personal experience from 1983.
Photographic film has to be exposed by nuclear radiation, as there is no incident visible light. But nuclear radiation can only be produced in this specific fashion by molecular nuclear fusion happening differentially as a metal crack.
Scientists have used ultrasonic inspection of metals since the late fifties. But never knew why it worked! It functions only because there crack causes the ultrasonic sound waves to do molecular nuclear fusion.

Jonathan Thomason

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