Wednesday, 14 March 2012

North Sea oil

14 March 2012
Issue drill down to vent geothermal steam and the north sea, it peculates through coal deposits laid down at the end of the Jurassic, when 85% of life on earth died.
So it comes up with methane gas in. So this isn’t a inexhaustible supply of natural gas. We compress and cool it, and bring it on shore.
No we heat it, and an pass it through A titanium honeycomb. Out of the bottom we get a long chain hydrocarbons-Petroleum Oil! With some diesel oil in.
We do not depend on nature to convert the natural gas into oil. We do this up in a Chemical Factory. I’m in product, and the methane gas, is very cheap!
It requires a geographical map of the undersea coal deposits, and a bore hole! This is directly cheap oil! There is a near limitless supply of deep sea coal.

Jonathan Thomason

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