Sunday, 11 March 2012

Proof of fusion

A video on Youtube 1,000,000,000 a share rose as a metal tube vibrating up ultrasonics generates a stream of bubbles! This was my experience are non destructive testing in 1983. My boss fobbed me off on a quiet about the bubbles.
We set up such a metal oscillator in a sealed chamber filled with water! We then turn on the oscillator. We collect the bubbles. These are helium and oxygen, caused by the of molecular nuclear fusion we are causing. To increase the fusion, pressurise the chamber!
Have a thermometer motive in the water. The molecular nuclear fusion gives off heat, and if we years a water soluble oil in the water, we also generate visible light! There is a video of this also on Youtube: thank you guys, good work!
The ultrasound device will kill off gamma wave radiation: this can only be produced by nuclear reactions! This also turns hydrogen into helium gas. So we are doing nuclear fusion, Howard to we generate power?
We start off the system, may be assisted by gas and oil burners. We then feed the steam and gases through a turbine. We then cool the mixture down on the cold end of a Carnot heat pump. We then return this heat to the boiler room, along with their warm condensed water.
We vent the helium and oxygen gases from the water reservoir-before we pump the water back into the fusion chamber. We generate serious amounts of power. We take from the is a minuscule amount of current, to drive the ultrasound devices.
We vent 18O and 3He. The oxygen has ½ life of 5000 years. And this produced by green crops in light, as photosynthesis turns carbon dioxide and water into helium, methane, oxygen and carbohydrates. The methane only under conditions of water stress. Their helium decays before it has left the plant, and he is lost to space the same day. Reacting with nothing!
So photosynthesis is biological molecular nuclear fusion: the production of helium and gamma wave radiation is noted on the Internet documents accessible through the googol search engine. So nature has been doing molecular nuclear fusion says life on earth developed photosynthesis 650,000 years ago.
Any decent harvest with their metallurgical ultrasound examination kit, can confirm molecular nuclear fusion is a reality. Obviously, all universities across the world can confirm this on a wet Thursday afternoon: should they wish to!
Nuclear fission never seemed a good idea. Molecular nuclear fusion generates four times the energy, from regular water rather than enriched uranium. And generates no massively toxic radioactive waste-like fission does from enriched uranium or plutonium.
Welcome to the fusion age! It goes without saying that gas and oil no a steam massively overpriced.

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