Thursday, 15 March 2012

Ultrasonics in medicine

15 March 2012

The Engineering Materials department should help on record a frequency and power settings that results in body cell damage.
They should also have the power settings which damaged body tissue years. All I have been told to get from the Internet is at a frequency of 360kHz is an effective one, to use for cleaning fibers! Which is not useful as all.
We want to set up a rig which displays dynamically a low power ultrasonic scan. And there tumour is located massive there high level ultrasonics.
This rig is already designed and licensed for use on kidney stones! Only the power settings may need attention! Even here, beaming ultrasonic waves through the stomach cavity to hit calcification in the kidneys is already very analogous to exposing cancer tumours to ultrasonic sound waves.
In other words; the hard work is done for us! We need to get people sent home to die, with their MRI scans, and get the medics two applying ultrasonics! This should save their lives!
If the medics warmed are playing along, Sheffield University has decades of experience of ultrasonics, and could links to the NHS.
In Florida they gave people one outpatient appointment for prostate cancer, And Sent The Patient’s Home for three days. Some nursing involvement would seem a good idea.
We need to get all the people back a week after treatment for new a tumour scans. Ultrasonics should cure antibiotic resistant bacterial infections. As bacterial cell walls are quite fragile, and the bacterial cells are overinflated!

Jonathan Thomason

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