Sunday, 11 March 2012

Ultrasonics produce nuclear fusion

11 March 2012

I had told Professor Zimmerman in 2009, that an ultrasonic probe dropped into water created bubbles of gas! I learned in 1983, and was remanded all by a PH D student from Sheffield University in 2000.
It forms helium and oxygen gases from regular water! Emitting gamma wave radiation as it produces a massive heat. Deep ending of pressure, we may also get light emission!
Here we probably want an ultrasound pressurised water soluble oil. I have made 2 videos on this subject. I am mindful that Will will only researched this if it is in his financial interests.
Their ears basically unlimited funding for called fusion research. This uses ultrasound rather than audable sound and radio emissions.
The thing that air got me really excited, gas-of I have firsthand experience of this in 1983. I used to work in non destructive testing.

Jonathan Thomason

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