Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Ultrasound and cancer

27 March 2012 I have been on about this for eight years! Says professor Fossil told me that cancer divides in the single cell fashion used by viruses. Bacteria get their genome got paid by the B cells-they are a parasitic life all. If we give somebody with a virus a drip of interleukin two and four their own immune system produces the human antibody to cells to the single cell type division. The only time multi cellular life uses this is during life childbirth. So a course of this antibody also acts as a contraceptive: but single cell type division with no cell damage deletes this immune memory. Pills of this drug would act against both viruses and cancer. It would be such a useful drug to have I am staggered that joke and his have not made it. Pills of its need to taken when ever a person is ill with a virus. This will stop cancer. I am waiting to see if their video hosting company also metre made a video on ultrasound and cancer. It will allow me to make a longer and more detailed video. Jonathan Thomason

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