Monday, 12 November 2012

Antimatter cycle


12 November 2012

                It is classic Engineering Materials!  Shining a radiant light on to a crystal converts the stream of electrons into a stream of positrons.

                These are near massless particles that annihilate with no nearly massless electrons!  Each only weighs 8x10-14g.  The annihilation obeys the rule E=mc2.  Where c2 is the speed of light squared!  Which is 2.99x1029 m/s.

                So one electron positron annihilation yields 1015 Watts of heat.  A steam cycle is term percent efficient!  So we only get a edge 1000MMMW.  This is a staggering amount of energy!  Mankind has never generated 1 M3W of power.

                All with no carbon dioxide or plutonium generation!  But all additional carbon dioxide released by man, is converted back into active biology by global photosynthesis!

                The fossil fuels only formed from the 85% of life on earth had died with the dinosaurs.  When the 65% more life on earth even than their ears today!  And sea levels were 60 metres lower.

                One little radiant light, and a crystal will power a neighbour lord or a HGV for a decade.  With no petrol or diesel burn!

                Suddenly power becomes nearly free!  Nuclear power he’s after looking toxic, polluting and hellishly expensive!  Even fossil fuels looked massively overpriced.


Jonathan Thomason

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