Thursday, 29 November 2012

Antimatter not toxic


29 November 2012

                We and positrons annihilate with electrons at low kinetic energies the only end products are heat and infrared radiation!  The water bath as all is the infrared, and we produce no toxic end product.

                The simplest way to produce a stream of positrons, is a shining a stream of electrons and heat radiation through a crystal window!  We then get a stream of positrons anti radiation:

+e- ->-β+

                The magic of the crystal is to invert the electrical field so we end up with a stream of the antimatter equivalent to electrons: the mirror image!  In this way the crystal does not build a charge!

                We inject the positrons into a water bath!  When the positrons will annihilate with the first electron they meet.  A simple enough lead will replace the annihilated electrons.

                Each annihilation produces 4.5x1015 Watts of energy.  Showed between direct heat energy and low energy radiant heat energy.

                We drive a steam cycle and free is our 100 MW of power.  From which we extract 50 W to drive the electrical heating element.  We utilised no fossil fuel burn.  And utterly no toxic nuclear fission!

                We produce no toxic end product.  We do not even produce the carbon dioxide which increases plant growth.


Jonathan Thomason

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