Monday, 19 November 2012

Boson generation

19 November 2012

                Physics has spent $400 billion and 25 years to produce one W boson.  It is too light, so they hypothesised there is a heavier Z boson.  An want to just avoid a bigger proton antiprotons collusion torous.

                This is a waste of money!  If you shine a stream of electrons from an electrical heating element through a crystal window, we get a stream of positrons!  The antimatter equivalent of electrons!

+e- -> -β+            that was a capital case Beta – encase the Internet change is it into a capital letter P.

                If we play in this stream of positrons on water, we cause electron positron annihilation!

β+ +H2O ->E+L+OH+

Or in other words β+ + e- ->E+L                 where E= energy             L= light

                For low energy interactions, we generate infrared light.  This is radiant heat energy!  So basically we generate E+E.

                For a higher energy interactions we generate gamma wave radiation.  If we surround the water bath we concrete made with FeO as the filler, we reflect the lower energy gamma waves into the water bath, where a shuttle around until the converted into heat!

                To get higher energy annihilations, we years A magnetic field to increase the speed of the positrons.  Or even increase the speed of the electrons before the window.

                If we speed up the positrons enough we get a different annihilation.

Β+ +e- -> E +W+W-         we generate boson pairs.

            The trouble is, W bosons have masses of 80 to 90 times that of the electron!  I was taught in physics that matter antimatter annihilations converted all their mass of the matter into energy!

            Physics would know teach us that matter antimatter annihilations increase the man’s by a factor of 80!  Each annihilation should release 4.5x1015 Watts of power.

            Physics now teaches that such annihilations remove 6x1016g of mass from the universe!

            No problem is that the once mass is particle of the electron now have significant mass!  So if positron electrons annihilation suck sea energy out of the universe!  This is obviously wrong.

            Physics has got the properties of bosons totally wrong.

            But now using an electrical heating element and a machined crystal winder, we can generate 100,000 antimatter matter annihilations a minute.  If we use a magnetic fields to increase the kinetic interactions we generate boson pairs.

            And as a bonus, the magnetic field reps the boson pair is apart!  So we have a ready source of W+/- bosons.  These are separated into distinct streams of positive and negative bosons.

            The experiment will cast $10 to set up, and $8 88 to run!  We should find that the energy produced is sufficient to run a steam cycle!  Utilising are only 50 W of power from 100 MW power station.

            We had no fossil fuel burn and do absolutely no toxic nuclear fission!  And produce no carbon dioxide or plutonium.  For very nearly free!

            Are only expenses are building, manning and starting at the power station.  It uses no boiler room!  Clean.  safe, free power with no toxic death!


Jonathan Thomason

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