Sunday, 25 November 2012

Bosons and antimatter

25 November 2012

                For years ago I had told my academic contacts that the steam plasma did molecular nuclear fusion!  Which is why a lightning bolt produces five tonnes of helium gas, gamma wave radiation and heat.  Since when they have not researched it!  As their interests lie in researching fictitious ideas that the climate on behalf of nuclear power!

                If you shine an electric heating element as a crystal it turns the stream of electrons into a stream of positrons!  So it remains neutral!  It gains a negative charges, so it has to emit positive charge is!

                At a lower energy this system produces two waves of electro magnetic radiation-based on the initial kinetic a potential of electoral.  Low potential yields low infra red.  Radiant heat energy!

                Highly kinetic interactions your gamma wave radiation.  Dangerous nuclear radiation, that is transformed into heat energy by a water bath.

                At extremely high kinetic interactions, produced using a magnetic field to accelerate the electrons, we get boson pairs!  This is so interesting.

                Physics has just spent €100,000,000,000 on a proton antiprotons torous.  They should have asked engineers.  We could have shown them how shining an electric element through a crystal winder produced boson pairs.  Β+β-.

                He initially thought a magnetic field would divide these!  It may do.  We need to try it and see!

                I was missing something very important!  Matter is attracted towards a gravity field!  So the β+s will fall towards the ground.  The β-will zoom off into outer space, to join the fine mist of antimatter out there!

                We have very little knowledge about bosons.  Here is a simple way to generate and study them!  I think we’ll find a boson is have a range of positive and negative mass is.

                Proton antiprotons collisions produce only two!  Positron electrons annihilations will produce a distinct two!  Every second A stream of various bosons will leave the sun.

                When they collide with a water bath we can get molecular nuclear fusion!  So the songs believe a very think fingerprint.  Steam turbines do so much MNF, we really should study how this System works!


Jonathan Thomason

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