Saturday, 17 November 2012

Buzzing off cancer, diabetes and heart disease

17 November 2012

                Body cells are damaged by ultrasound above our 180 W/cm2!  The most potent frequency for boiling off water is 40 kHz and above.  This is the process that ruptures cells!

                All infections divide in a single cell way-as used by amoeba and infants in the womb.  Life childbirth was a trick we learned from viruses in prehistory!

                Cancer is made up of six enzymes from infectious disease!  One of these is tracks the cell to divide in a single cell way.  Which the immune system ignores!  But he lacks support from the dendrite mesh-which is part of the immune system.

                The resulting cancer cells are overinflated and under supported!  And have novel enzymes.  Which are not seen by the body as dangerous.

                If we give a drip of interleukin two and four the cell damage is taken as read.  As he is immune signals are only a produced as a result of cell damage.

                The immune system starts engulfing novel structures!  And makes all the other immune signals while there is a novel structures in the body!  We make and action the active human antibody to cancer.

                The cancer cell type will be removed throughout the brain and body!  All cancers share six common antibodies.  Pills of these drugs will clear all cancers.  But the drug companies would make no income unless you have a cancer, so they are not interested!

                The simplest way to attack cancer is to use ultrasound!  Ultrasound above 90 W/cm2 40 kHz causes the cancer cells to fragment explosively!  Damaging body cells close by.  This produces the four immune action, including production and action of the human antibodies to cancer.

                I recommend 150 W 40 kHz!  To allow for the damping effect of body tissues and bones between the outside of the body and the cancer.

                Are applying this level of ultrasound does not affect body tissues!  But should provide the high intensity focused ultrasound to clear the cancer.

                It will also work for diabetes, arthritis, IBS, MS and heart disease!  All the diseases of age.


Jonathan Thomason

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