Friday, 23 November 2012

Carbon dioxide drives life!


23 November 2012

                Since photosynthesis evolved the level of carbon dioxide in the air has been strictly limited to the lower limit for photosynthesis to occur!  Carbon dioxide levels can only rise in natural ice ages!  As the ice covers the seas and snow as cover the land.

                The Permian age experienced 1000 year ice age, with five times the level of carbon dioxide in the air!  As photosynthesis evolved levels fell to only one part per million.  The ice age ended, but 90% of life on earth died!

                They years no external source of organic carbon.  It used to be active biology.

                The fossil fuels are so named, as they contain shells and fossils exclusively from the end of the Jurassic age.  When 85% of life on earth died.

                During the Jurassic there was 65% more life on earth-on land and in the seas!  Local droughts only serve to shift life from land into the seas.  We get more local life in the seas.  Were never can be a natural drought!

                We do not increase walls of carbon dioxide in the air.  And 60% of the surface area of the air is the seas!  At what period doing carbon dioxide levels rise and life decrease?  It has never happened.

                Carbon dioxide is the gas of life.  For last 200 years carbon dioxide levels have remained a global average static level of two parts per million.

                In the little ice age carbon dioxide levels rose to four parts per million!

                So carbon dioxide is detached from the weather!  In the Jurassic age there were no fossil fuels-all the organic carbon was circulating around the environment.  But there were three natural ice ages.

                Higher carbon dioxide is characterised by Calder and more settled weather!  Nuclear power promoted there man made climate change, as a global climate has been cooling since 1998.  So man made global warming it was spurious fiction promoted by the paid stooges to nuclear power.

                These people should not have positions in education!  They are the enemies of life.  Who promotes paid nuclear fiction.

                Man made climate change was devised as idea in 2004-a naturally bad hurricane year.  Since when things have settled down.  But I repeat, carbon dioxide levels have been static for last 200 years.

                My PH D supervisor ended my PH D into global warming, three years of the world started cooling!  He observed that all the academic work on global warming have stopped 0.2003-and they five years after the world started cooling.

                As far as I can discover the only academics who have ever done work on man made climate change are the university of East Sussex.

                They have no data set on raised carbon dioxide or more extreme weather.  Natural carbon dioxide levels only rise in natural ice ages: he never did explain why it suddenly after pushing global warming since 1986, the year are Chernobyl, to suddenly change!

                Carbon dioxide would inevitably cause or climate to warm: A static trace gas has no affect on anything!  That idea was fiction from the base stooges to nuclear power.  2004 the non existent increasing carbon dioxide would have a different affect!

                Basically it would coals natural weather!  A static trace gas does nothing.  Carbon dioxide levels are strictly limited daily by global photosynthesis. 

                Meanwhile nuclear power remains the most toxic industry that will ever exist!  Causing death on a continental scale.  1986 the year Chernobyl.  2010 according to the International Atomic Energy Authority Fukushima was the worst release of radiation!

                Down into the groundwater around Tokyo.  Over the next 20 years the world’s first mega city will totally depopulate.

                Hinkley point should have ceased operations two years ear.  EDF used their own engineers to get a five year life extension!  This is legally unsafe.  Any new nuclear plant built on the site of a magnox nuclear power plant is subject to a royal commission!

                100,000,000 UK pounds for a 10 year legal process that will decide against the building of new nuclear processes.  EDF is left with the expence of decommissioning six nuclear plants.

                It also operates a coal burning power station!  Despite investing millions of pounds a year pushing man made global warming and climate change: is plant building programme makes it the four biggest producer of carbon dioxide on the planet.  Concrete is a huge source of carbon dioxide!

                It is left with Sizewell B.  The type of plants that caused Chernobyl and Fukushima!  The power regulation of authority should have shut down all nuclear processes in 1987.

                They are liable to fines of 100 million pounds power plant per year of operation after Chernobyl!  The nuclear power plant owners have found it cheaper to get accommodation with the authority: this is plain and simple financial corruption!  The individuals involved will end up with 25 year jail sentences H.

                The authority is subject to fines of 28 billion pounds.  Nuclear power is the least green technology that will ever exist!

Jonathan Thomason

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