Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Clean power


13 November 2012

                There are amounted funds for the development of clean power!  More so or even five giving the world nuclear fusion.  A waterfall produces nuclear radiation, heat, helium and these to the creation of ozone gas!

                You breathe out helium and free radical oxygen.  As does the countryside.  Both instances of nature doing molecular nuclear fusion.  Here is one limitless cash pot you could dip into.

                Showing an electric radiant light on a crystal produces a balanced take exchange!  The crystal gains electrons.  But from the other side of the crystal emits positrons!  This maintains the momentum in the system.

                I never did understand why I got so excited in 1985 by her dimer positrons!  But our only researched their production this week.

                He each electron positron annihilation releases 4.5x1015 Watts of clean power!  With no carbon dioxide and no toxic waste product.  The latter is a great weakness of nuclear power!

                If they reprocess is its waste, loses money!  Here we produce no toxic radioactive waste.  It is pure simple Chemical Engineering with high school physics.

                An emitter and crystal will drive a steam cycle to propel a car!  With no fossil fuel burn.

                Incidentally discriminatory carbon taxes designed to enhance the prospects for nuclear power are illegal under EU laws.

                All the additional carbon dioxide is metabolised by photosynthesis!  As any idiot realises!  Apparently European politicians failed high school biology.  No professor in education could give house room to man made climate change!

                It is biological rubbish concocted by the paid stooges to nuclear power.

                Antimatter matter annihilations are the entry point to limitless power!  Electron positron annihilations our mind blowing simple to produce.  It was only realized in 2000 that both sub atomic particles weighed 8.19x1014g.  C2 is x1028 so even such annihilations produce the massive amount of power mentioned above.

                Power with no carbon dioxide and no toxic waste.  Producing no toxic end product which must restore safely for 100,000 years!  The latter makes nuclear power uniquely uneconomic.


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