Friday, 30 November 2012

Clean power


30 November 2012

                Nuclear power produces continental toxic death!  It makes plutonium and he is the least green technology invisible!

                If we shine an electrical heating element through a crystal window into a bath of water, the electrons are converted into a stream of positrons!  The efficiency of this process was not on the paper I raid!  Basically we do

+(m+n)e- -> -mβ+ +ne-.   The gain of electrons is balanced by the loss of positrons.

                Once the positrons hit the electrons from the water bath they annihilate!  He each annihilation releasing 4.5x1015 Watts of energy.  As electromagnetic energy and a highly kinetic interactions boson pairs.  We do not want β-β+ so we avoid high kinetic interactions.

                Physics can use this system to study protons.  The β+ will fall under gravity.  But their antimatter counterpart β- will rise!  This is such a an easier system to study and positron antipositron annihilations!  The great hadron collider cost €100,000,000,000!

                Setting up an electrical heating element above a reflector below a crystal window will cast £20.00.  The bosons separate out, so we can study them!  I think we get boson minor particles.  Which have 1014 less mass!

                There is a whole family of boson particles: b+ b- β+ β-.  The work at the great hadron collider suggested there may be at least twice this number!  As the mass they established for β+ was half what was expected!

                It is beginning to look like a single boson is simplistic rubbish!  There is a whole family are massive end eyeing particles.

                Halv positron electrons annihilation he’s a most energetic Energy System in the universe.  And can easily power the steam cycle!

                So we generate 100 MW, and then back 50 W to drive the system!  We need to power the boiler room, so nature Walsal plants with extra electrons-which we are then annihilate him into pure energy.

                No gas, or oil or coal burn.  And absolutely no toxic nuclear fission.  Nuclear fission has a very active plant building and decommissioning system!  No nuclear plant over 25 years all would is safe from doing a Fukushima.

                EDF has just done by an internal engineering inspection-and extended the lives of its six magnox power stations!  Beyond their design lives.

                I am an engineer.  You don’t ever designed anything.  A plant designed to last 25 years starts failing after this time.  It gets at massively expensive to run!  Of the nuclear facilities very very dangerous!

                It is legally unsafe to operate a nuclear plant beyond its design life.

                Sizewell B is a PWR!  Which 3 Mile Island, Chernobyl and Fukushima shows a very dangerous nuclear facilities.  Suffering multiple core meltdowns.  The power station regulatory authority should instantly withdrawn the operating licence for all nuclear plants in the UK.

                All talk of man made climate change is spurious fiction!  Global photosynthesis converts additional organic carbon back into active biology!  A build up a Si 82 in the air is not possible.

                Nuclear power is the least green technology that will ever exist!


Jonathan Thomason

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