Thursday, 15 November 2012

Easy antimatter


15 November 2012

                Shown he and electrical heating element through a machined crystal winder on to a water bath produces a stream of positrons into the liquid water!  Here they annihilate with electrons from the water.

                The bath is earthed, so that nature replaces the electrons for us.  The mass of the positron electrons pair is 8x10-14.  The relativistic conversion produces 4x1015 Watts of energy.

Β+ + e- -> E + γ

                Now a gamma wave passes through water dumps some of its energy as light and heat!  The best way to evaluate the heating effect of a positron annihilation is to try it out in the laboratory!  We are suitable radiation protection.

                We should be able to produce steam!  And another stream of positrons will superheated to 700° C.  We use this to generate power.

                We loop back may be 20 W from 100 MW power station!  It will consume a cup full a decade.  No fossil fuel burn!  An utterly no toxic nuclear fission from uranium or plutonium.  Safe, clean and nearly free power!


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