Sunday, 11 November 2012

Every scientist on earth knows

11 November 2012

                Realises that photosynthesis proceeds every day at all levels fall below the minimum level for photosynthesis: two this is two parts per million.

                In the Jurassic this was four parts per 1,000,000!  There were no fossil fuels in the Jurassic.  Sea levels were 60 metres lower as there was 65% more life on earth!  But during the Jurassic there were three natural ice ages.

                The cretaceous & Permian age experienced an ice age lasting 1000 years.  With five times the modern level of carbon dioxide in the air.

                I have a master’s degree in engineering.  And even I know these facts!  That the fossil fuels formed 65,000,000 years ago at the deaf the dinosaurs.

                Earth’s golden time!  65% more life on earth.  Sea levels 60 metres lower!  By burning the fossil fuels we are returning that life the active environment.

                Manmade global warming is the craziest piece of PR ever devised for nuclear power!  Thought up by professors of physics who ignored biology!  And ecology.  And metrology.  And history.  Basically they ignored everything!  And came up with biological rubbish.

                Carbon dioxide only rises in natural ice ages!  Obviously it does not warm the weather!  Since 1998 the world has been cooling.

                Since the ending of the little ice age global photosynthesis has limited free carbon dioxide at two parts per million.  All country date are is spurious rubbish!  Sampling errors caused by taking air samples at diesel engine exhausts.

                Or just plain fabricated!  The people involved have no place in science.  Man made climate change is biological rubbish!  Which just tells us, manmade global warming was rubbish!  Before you even a excel in biology!  So revolution squared.

                Yet there are still rational scientist writing an academic papers on man made climate change.  Any high school pupil would inform them that photosynthesis limits free carbon dioxide around the world.

                Local droughts only serves to move the life today the seas.  They have no affect on the static level of carbon dioxide in the global air!  Man’s machines are totally irrelevant to global systems.

                They are just too insignificant to even register on the global measuring systems.  Carbon dioxide boosts biology.  It’s levels in the air are strictly controlled by photosynthesis.


Jonathan Thomason

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