Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Global impossible


27 November 2012

                Since it evolved at the end of the Permian photosynthesis has limited global average carbon dioxide.  In the Permian we had a major ice age lasting 1000 years.  As photosynthesis evolved carbon dioxide levels fell from 10 parts per million to 1ppm: and 90% of life on earth died!

                At the end of the Jurassic there was four parts per million carbon dioxide in the air.  The comet which wiped out the dinosaurs set of world wide forest fires!  Free carbon dioxide climate of 4.5 parts per million.

                And we have an ice age lasting 2.6 million years.  Life slowly recovered with animal and plant life in a dynamic balance.

                Since industrial revolution global photosynthesis has capped free carbon dioxide at two parts per million.  Though crop yields have increased by 15%!  That is where all the carbon emissions went.

                Man has increased life on earth.  But the global climate is exclusively controlled by a predictable solar cycles.  The short term oscillation is 28 years!  Things are going to get cold.

                Manmade global warming and climate change were thought of by the paid stooges to nuclear power, and man ice recited by people who obviously should not be in education!  Man made climate change is biological rubbish!

                Trying to justify the most toxic industry that will ever exist/that actually produces more carbon dioxide per megawatt hour are generated power because of its use of concrete to build plants in replace it every 25 years; compared to burning natural gas!

                Which is cheaper and increases life on earth.  Rose nuclear power kills it.  There is going to be one hell of a clearing it of people from academia-the paid nuclear stooges!  The have no right to be there.


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