Monday, 19 November 2012

Heating using Physics

19 November 2012

                If we play an electric heating element against a crystal, all the electrons are changed into a stream of positrons!  e+ - their antimatter equivalents!  Also known as β+

                        e- and B+ both weight 8.19x10-14g.  We convert this into energy using E=mc2.  Where C2 is the speed of light square 2.99x1028.  So one positron electrons annihilation releases 4.5x1015 Watts of energy.

                Low kinetic interactions release electromagnetic radiation!  Electrons from an electrical element will only generate infrared light!  Radiant heat energy.

                With absolutely none other toxic death of nuclear power!  We produce no poisonous radioactive isotopes!  No plutonium or strontium.

                All the carbon dioxide from burning fossil fuels is magically converted into active life, by global photosynthesis on land and in the seas!

                Free carbon dioxide was at four parts per 1,000,000 doing little ice age.  Then it fell to two parts per million.  It’s static level for last 200 years!

                All country date is that the best sampling error, by taking air samples at diesel exhausts, or at worst plain lying!  To satisfy the famous as a nuclear power.  Carbon dioxide levels have been static for two centuries.

                To produce carbon must power we playing a heating element on to a crystal above a water chamber.  The positrons will fall on to the water, and annihilate with electrons from water.  Releasing massive heat and superheated steam!

                Which we use to turn a steam turbine.  We take off 50 W to drive the electric heating element.  From the generated power of 100 MW.  We produce power for free with no toxic end product.

                If nuclear power actually bothered to process all its plutonium, it would lose massive sums of money!  Even with the inflated prices of fossil fuels.  It is the technology of death.

                No academic in education should never take a penny from the merchants of death!  Particularly as professors of physics have no explained how to use a radiant heater, and a crystal to generate a stream of positrons!  The most exothermic particles in the universe!

                It was only realized in 2000 that electrons and positrons have a mass!  Suddenly the relativistic energy conversion destroys fossil fuels and nuclear fission as power generation technologies.


Jonathan Thomason

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