Sunday, 18 November 2012

How interesting!


18 November 2012

Shining an electric element through a crystal transforms a stream of electrons into a stream of positrons: the most dynamic heating substance is on earth!

                When NI H with electrons in a water bath, we get loads of interesting stuff!  For low power annihilations we do:

Β+ +e- -> 2L          where L= equal to electro magnetic radiation!  We are talking low energy kinetic interactions, so here L= infrared radiation!  Radiant heat energy.

                It annihilation event yields 4.5x1045 Watts of energy.  But nobody knows how much of this will end up as heat energy!  If we shine the positrons through water.

                High power interactions yields W and Z basons.  As W+W- and Z+Z- pairs.  Physics would give their right arm for a resource are boson pairs!  A magnetic field was made up the electrons and give us a high energy interactions of.

                That yields bason pairs.  This is such a useful area of research.  As the basons could invalidate the standard model of matter.  So far only high energy interactions of protons and Andy protons colliding have yielded one W bus on after 25 years!

                Physics really needs to pin down the mass of W and Z bosons.

                Engineers are interested in the thermal energy released by the stream of positrons.  The leptons and higher frequency electromagnetic radiation is converted into heat was sub atomic particles pass through a water bath!

                Particularly if we is around the water bath we concrete using FeO as the filler, to reflect the gamma wave radiation.

                This is such an interesting area of research!  Anit allows us to run a steam cycle by using a minuscule amount of the generated current to heat the electric heating element, and so lead to the stream of positrons.

                Nuclear power is the most toxic, polluting and uneconomic way man kind has ever found to generate power.  It disguises this fact, by continuing to run his plants beyond their design life: which are actually gets to be a very dangerous and horrendously expensive!

                The and worse still, not reprocessing toxic used fission rods.  Sellafield is the world’s biggest dirty bomb waiting for a terrorist mortar attack, or a natural earthquake to kill a third of Britain!

                It will make Chernobyl and Fukushima looked like a dress rehearsal!  Toxic death on a radioactive stick!

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