Sunday, 18 November 2012

Hurricane Sandy


18 November 2012

                The last mega hurricane hit New York in 1962.  They happen after natural frequency of 50 years.  So the next one or two this year!

                Global photosynthesis has resulted in a static average level of carbon dioxide in the air for last 200 years.  Engine’s and even cities are too minuscule an area to have any affect-other than to boost crop growth the surrounding two kilometres!

                Natural global warming ended 1997.  There never could be any man made climate warming caused by carbon emissions.  As photosynthesis strictly limits the free carbon dioxide we see in the air.

                So there never could be any man made global warming.  And there certainly could never be any man made climate change-what does that predict anyway?  That a 50 year storm happens every 50 years!

                The coals of a static trace of the gas in the global air: carbon dioxide is at a static level of two parts per 1,000,000.  A level that can only rise in a natural ice age!

                So man made global warming was tumours spurious fiction from nuclear power.  Who pay any TV programme maker to the tribute the natural weather to burning carbon fuels.

                Such individuals should not have any place in the media!  There does not seem to be any active cientist working on their spurious fiction of nuclear power.  TV take note.


Jonathan Thomason

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