Saturday, 17 November 2012

Life on earth!

17 November 2012

                Green plants, amoba and bacteria taking carbon dioxide to grow!  The only global limate to life on earth is circulating organic carbon him the environment!

                In the Permian age photosynthesis evolved!  It took free carbon dioxide in the air down from 10 parts per 1,000,000, to only one!  90% of life on earth died.  As there is just two little carbon environment to support more life on earth.

                Life only recovered as more animals evolved to eat plant matter, and combine the carbohydrates and oxygen-the waste gas of plants.  Carbon dioxide is plant food!  Oxygen the greatest pollutant in earth history.

                In a warm and temperate times global photosynthesis on land and in the seas around the world strictly limits the level of free carbon dioxide in the air.

                Any additional carbon dioxide results in more life on earth.  Mankind is paltry 0.00004% has been sacked from the air, to support more life on earth.

                Manmade global warming obvious fiction from the base stooges to nuclear power.  It was invented after Chernobyl incident in a desperate attempt to make nuclear power green.

                Nuclear power is the only globally toxic technology that mankind has ever developed.  Burning carbon fuels stimulates life on earth.  Nuclear power kills it.

                Only in natural ice ages in carbon dioxide levels in the global air rise!  We are talking here about the global average: engine exhausts have only local significance-within a mile radius of an engine exhaust.

                Extra carbon dioxide results in extra plant life.  Cities and towns are too minuscule an area to ever exist.

                There is no external source of fossil fuels!  It is likely all present fossil fuels formed at the end of the Jurassic-when 85% of life on earth died with the dinosaurs.  Any of fossil fuels formed at the end of the cretaceous will have been metabolised by methane loving bacteria.  Or just burnt in forest fires!

                Since industrial revolution crop yields have increased by 15%!  But free carbon dioxide in the air is still strictly limited by global photosynthesis.  So the world has been subject to a static two parts per 1,000,000 for last two centuries.

                This implies there is in excess of 60% extra life man can restore to the active environment, as he burns the fossil fuels.

                Stroll life does not affect the weather!  The weather affects life.  A static 2ppm of CO2 could never have had any affect on the weather!  As biology scrubs extra carbon dioxide as the air within 5 minutes.

                So man made global warming and climate change were obvious biological impossibilities.  Man lives with the weather, only nuclear power has a capacity to significantly warm the local air.

                Burning carbon fuels stimulates life.  Any person invoking man made climate change is a biological idiot!  Who needs to resit high school.


Jonathan Thomason

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