Thursday, 29 November 2012

Massive gas field

29 November 2012

                Beneath the North Sea there is a massive area called Pondorland which use to the above the sea in the Jurassic age.  When the dinosaurs died the land was flooded.  And all life formed massive coal deposits.

                As geothermal water percolates through these it forms methane gas!  If their ears exposed platinum metal we form Petroleum Oil.  This is a source of all north sea oil.

                Oil runs out!  But the methane gas will not!  Exhausted oil Wells be the North Sea are a near limitless source of natural gas!  The oil Wells were capped at a time when it was conceded natural gas had no value!

                It was just burned off as a nuisance when the world was extracted.  Now the world realises natural gas releases half the carbon dioxide the kilowatt hour compared to nuclear power.

                Which builds and demolishes its toxic nuclear plants every 25 years!  Utilising massive quantities of concrete-a potent source of carbon dioxide.

                Burning natural gas is half the expense compared to toxic nuclear fission: nuclear fission also produces massively toxic plutonium!  Which remains fatal for 100,000 years.

                Global photosynthesis converts additional carbon dioxide back into active biology it was in the Jurassic age.  There is no possibility of a builder of this gas in the air.

                Manmade global warming and climate change were PR fiction by nuclear power!  A static trace gas in the global air has no affect on anything!

                The very concept carbon dioxide could affect the weather is the most stupid on scientific ideas ever.  Carbon dioxide increases life on earth.  Nuclear power kills it.

                The north sea is a near limitless source of national natural gas!  Burning natural gas produces massively cheap power, and increases life on earth!  With no affect on the weather.


Jonathan Thomason

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