Monday, 19 November 2012

Near limitless research funding


19 November 2012

                Physics has spent $400 billion on the great hadron collider!  It’s only achievement of note, is to identify a particle with the wrong mass for a boson.

                Their mass since white for protons.  But a positron electrons annihilation would yields have boso anti boson pair:

Β+ +e- + E1 -> E2 +W+W-  Where E2>>E1

                E1 results in a high kinetic energy it annihilation!  Otherwise we get two photons frequency depends on particle of interaction energy.  Shining an electrical heating element through a machined crystal window generates only infrared light!

                So this is a massive energy that fossil fuel burn for toxic nuclear fission!  Producing no waste radioactive isotopes!  Only pure energy.

                We can split the boson pairs using the same magnetic field, and study their properties are this hypothetical particle!  That physics so manifestly has not done!

                Antimatter matter annihilations the rate massive energy!  And destroy most of the mass antimass other particles.  I think we need to modify Einstein’s equation:

E= (m1/2c)2

                Antimatter and matter have the same energy equvilance!  Though opposite masses!  Engineers are obviously more interested in driving a steam cycle with no fossil fuel burn an utterly no toxic nuclear fission!

                Manmade global warming was fantasy by nuclear power doing a period of natural climatic warming.  The weather started cooling 1998, and man made climate change was devise as idea 2004-a naturally bad hurricane year!  Since when the climate has been both colder and more settled!

                Hurricane Sandy was a natural 50 year weather effect!  Which happens every 50 years.


Jonathan Thomason

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