Sunday, 18 November 2012

Nuclear death!!

18 November 2012

A beam of electrons shon on a crystal produces a stream of positrons!  These positrons are directed into a water bath, they annihilate with electrons from the water molecules.

                We get out energy, electromagnetic radiation, leptons Z and W bosons.  In other words a shower of subatomic particles!  With a combined it energy of 4.5x1015 Watts.  The water bath converts massive particles and water molecules into helium and oxygen gases!  It provokes molecular nuclear fusion.

                I have postulated this process in 2008!  But nobody on earth knows how it works.  It was only realized that electrons had mass in 2000.  The experiments are playing a stream of positrons are a water bath have not been done!

                The antimatter matter annihilation we engender is the most energetic presence in the universe!  So even though the mass of positrons and electrons is low, we should see the creation of massive energies.

                Physics can not produce a definitive answer as to how much energy we get out.  In large measure because they’re not interested in practical results.  Only in theoretical particle work.

                Engineers would be interested to know the definitive answer on the energy output.  It will be reliant on the applied pressure, plus what Face Centred Cubic metals are present as mesh in the water bath.  My preference will be to use titanium mesh!  To increase the amount of MNF we get.

                The energy balance of MNF has not been quantified!  It does seem altogether reasonable that the antimatter matter annihilation would produce massively more energy than Cecil was taken to initiate.

                All the time we are converting electrons into energy, scales by the speed of light squared!  This system produces no carbon dioxide and utterly no radioactive toxic waste.

                It totally destroys the phantom science of man made climate change!  Which is totally erroneous!  As global photosynthesis has produced a static trace of carbon dioxide in the global air for last two centuries.

                It’s only prediction was to say global warming was wrong!  Concept was also based on a biologically erroneous increase in global carbon dioxide levels!

                Photosynthesis on land and in the seas around is such ideas totally fallacious.  It was PR fiction by nuclear power.

                The steam cycle does loads of MNF however the steam is generated!  Positron electrons annihilation holds out the promise of self sustaining a steam cycle, with no fossil fuel burn or toxic nuclear fission.

                Physics has spent 25 years trying to all tame the massl of a boson.  Positron electrons annihilations if a steady stream of bosons to study.  The massl have produced by physics is below the minimum massl postulated.  It seems likely that physics has not found the elusive boson.

                The sub atomic particles that cures all matter its mass!  It should be Omni present.  After 25 years at the we can conclude that physics has it wrong!

                Shining an electric element through a crystal winder into a water bath, will allow us to definitively measure the energy output of such a system!  Though the interaction of the sub atomic particles with the water molecules produces MNF, but we can measure the helium production and subtract the energy to produce their positron electrons annihilation edges.

                Running a steam cycle with out of fossil fuel burn will demolish the concept that man made climate change!  Though biology has already negated it totally.  Using high school biology.

                All the academics who have written fictitious papers on man made climate change-despite their knowing there was a static trace of carbon dioxide in the air, have no place in education!

                Similarly nuclear power should have no place in global energy production: too toxic, fatal, polluting and uneconomic!  The ground storage of used fission tubes disguises the latter fact.

                Ground storage of such material in Cumbria guarantees a British Fukushima as an earthquake disrupts the storage pits, within five years!

                Any proposed new nuclear facility would have no capacity to store its waste, at Sellafield is full!  So would never get a licence to commence operations.  The plant station licensing authority has acted illegally in are lying existing nuclear facilities to continue operating a their design life has been exceeded.

                Or aged magnox stations should have been shut down two years ago air!  Any new nuclear facility on existing sites will be subject to a Royal Commission!  Costing in excess of 100,000,000 UK pounds, and certain to refuse permission to operate!

                Chernobyl make nuclear power a toxic idea.  Fukushima shows such incidents are an inevitable consequence are doing nuclear fission.  Germany and Japan have now at war that technology!

                Proposing a foreign nuclear plant probably contravenes the coal from war in both these two countries.  Hitachi trying to build a nuclear facility in the UK are committing an act of war!

                David Cameron wishes is the builders of Chernobyl to construct a nuclear sites in Kent.  He should take a holiday in Chernobyl-and C the inevitable consequence of all lie in Ukrainian nuclear to operate in your country.

Jonathan Thomason

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