Sunday, 11 November 2012

Nuclear Fiction

11 November 2012

                Every Xi your school child is taught that the limit to life on earth is available carbon dioxide circulating the environment.  Extra carbon dioxide translates into extra life!  The level of carbon dioxide in the air remained static there!

                All the fossil fuels formed when 85% of life on earth died at the end of the Jurassic age.  As man burns the fossil fuels that life into resurrected in modern form.

                But carbon dioxide levels can only rise in a natural ice age!  So a for the last 200 years they have remained static at two parts per million.

                You try to get a physicist or engineer to concede that!  The most they all say is that they do not understand photosynthesis!  Though they were taught it at high school.

                The man made climate change may or may not be correct!  Though man made climate change is based around a biologically impossible increase in the average global carbon dioxide levels in the air.

                So it is instantly consigned to the trash bin of total fiction!  Designed to enhance the prospects for nuclear power: who are big contribution is to academic research into engineering and physics.

                The individuals concerned are paid nuclear stooges and not scientists!  And deserves no place in education.  Man made climate change was as impossible as manmade global warming, before the natural climate started cooling 1998.

                Rising levels of carbon dioxide the meant to warm the weather!  Only occur naturally in ice ages.  The little ice age had twice the level of carbon dioxide in the air than we have no.

                The Permian mega rises age which lasted 1000 years has five times as much carbon dioxide in the air.  Man made climate change is quite possibly the worst piece of brain dead nuclear fiction fossil.  Nuclear power remained toxic, polluting, fatal and uneconomic.

                They try to disguise the latter fact, by failing to reprocess all the plutonium waste they produce.  That guarantees a UK Fukushima in Cumbria within the next five years.  That will render a third of England is uninhabitable for the rest of recorded history!


Jonathan Thomason

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