Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Photosynthesis wins!

27 November 2012

                As professor Z conceded after decade long argument, photosynthesis exerts a total cap of free carbon dioxide in the air!  Mankind’s additional 0.00004% CO2 merely leads to the resurrection of Jurassic Life in the modern environment.

                New scientist has put on record that there were three natural ice ages in the Jurassic!  I think 240, 106 and 120 BCE: go and talk to your prehistory guys, to yet the real dates!  Not my area of science.

                Hiow little ice age free carbon dioxide rose to four parts per million.  Since then they have fallen to to a static 2ppm.  This is such the wrong answer for nuclear power!  They are busy editing the science pantheon-as ever!  Trying to rewrite basic science.

                They forgot to factor in global photosynthesis into the carbon bonds.  Professors of physics know nothing about the carbon cycle!  Biology teachers faul about laughing at the very concept that man could affect the trace of carbon dioxide left in the air by photosynthesis.

                They haven’t been able to edit the Permian mega ice age has the science pantheon.  This mass is for 1000 years, and have five times the level of carbon dioxide in the air!  This only ended with the evolution of photosynthesis.

                At the end of the Permian 90% of life on earth died!  Though this mass extinction of prehistory.  When free carbon dioxide fell to only one part per million.  Half today’s level.

                Life only recover as animals evolved to use up oxygen-the waste gas of plants!  And released more carbon dioxide-planned food!

                Any person inciting man made climate change is totally ignorant of photosynthesis and first year high school biology.  They are totally unsuited to a career in education or the media.  Belief in manmade climate change is grounds for instant dismissal.

                Neither man made global warming or climate change are biologically possible!  Man has no affect on that trace of carbon dioxide left in the air by global photosynthesis: the system which supports life on land and in the seas.

                Man made climate change says nothing of importance, other than manmade global warming was so obviously wrong!  In itself, it is so obviously biologically rubbish science.  Not remotely possible!  A global untheory.

                They climate pundits have yet to explain how the Permian have five times the level of carbon dioxide in the air, and the 1000 year ice age!  With fewer extreme wind affects.  As hurricanes can only happen with air temperatures above 30° C!

                The air has two per moist and warm.  No reference to carbon dioxide-it is an inconsequential trace gas as far as the weather is consent.  It just happens to support the vast bulk of life on earth.

                Nuclear power is the only continental he had important technology of man’s.  It could cause continental weather changes.  And the exploding plants cause continental toxic death.

                Windscale, 3 Mile Island ,Chernobyl and Fukushima demonstrates that do nuclear fission inevitably leads to the massive release are dangerous nuclear radiation!  Over the next 20 years 0.5 million extra cancer deaths were happen in Tokeyo.  The extra death from Chernobyl was spread out over Asia and Europe.

                That is what nuclear power does!  Extra carbon dioxide increases life on earth.  But does not affect the gas composition of the air-so there is obviously no weather effect!

                Most towns, cities and engine’s are too minuscule to have any global significance.  Carbon dioxide levels only rise in natural ice ages!  When the climate is both colder and less extreme!

                Any scientist justifying his research via man made climate change is obviously ignorant about photosynthesis and not really a scientist.  By next week they will be looking for new employment!

                As to prof Z he argued with me for a decade!  Before concluding that photosynthesis trumped the phantom science fault up by the paid stooges to nuclear power!

                Nuclear power has seriously compromised tertiary education by trying to buy itself a future using pure money!  It cannot disguise the fact that it is toxic death!

                All is plant building programme producing more carbon dioxide per kilowatt power are produced power than burning natural gas does!  Which is safer, cheaper and nontoxic.  An increases life on earth!

                Unlike Oil which runs out, natural gas is formed from a natural coal deposits laid down at the end of the Jurassic!  There is still 70% extra life which can be produced as natural gas!  It’ll go on for 2000 years!

                Shining an electrical heating element through a crystal produces a stream of positrons.  These will annihilate with electrons from water bath!  Running a steam cycle with no fossil fuel burn an utterly no toxic nuclear fission!

                That is the lowest carbon system for producing energy!  But again.  Carbon increases life on earth.  And has no affect on the weather-as known to every real scientist on earth!  The ice=age at teh rend of the Jurassic lasted 2 the.6 million years. Brr!

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