Monday, 19 November 2012

Positron heating


19 November 2012

                The professors of physics have written up how a crystal turns are stream of electrons into a stream of positrons!  Initially this is counter intuitive!  But the emission of positrons electrically balances the game of electrons:

+e- ->-β+

                This is an amazingly powerful concept!  As positrons annihilate with the first electron they meet!  So if we play the positrons into a water bath we will generate 4.5x1015 Watts of power.

                But this power is shared between pole heat, the generation of electromagnetic radiation and boson pairs!

                It is a ready source of W+W-, and even Z+Z-.  Physics has a very little knowledge of these particles.  As positron electrons annihilation in was a total mass 4 to 5 times less than a W+ particle, it would appear there is also a w+ boson.  With 1000 times less mass!

                Would appear there is a whole family of bosons!  Only last year I was just one!  Then it was realized there was an anti boson.  And two heavier versions for higher level kinetic interactions.

                The standard model is not so much creaking, as history!

                The number of students would wish to do PH D’s on this science is immense.  And for all this, I got sent away from my PhD with no award.


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