Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Power generation


20 November 2012

                Extra carbon dioxide increases life on earth!  It increases plant growth, and animals are in a dynamic balance of plants.  So we get more animals!  We do not get more carbon dioxide in the air.  That is anti scientific rubbish on behalf of nuclear power.

                They we take enriched uranium and produce plutonium and strontium: and toxic death on a continental scale!  Look up Chernobyl!  Fukushima will cause the death of Tokyo and 120,000 Japanese do individuals over the next 20 years.

                That is what nuclear power does!  The least green technology that will ever exist.  Burning carbon fuels increases plant growth, nuclear power kill all biological life on that continent!

                Shining a beam of electrons on a crystal, produces a beam of positrons.  The strongest heating devices in the universe.  When played on a water bath they will run a steam cycle with me over fossil fuel burn, nor toxic nuclear fission!

                They basically convert electrons into pure energy.  With no toxic end product!  The crystals turn electrons into positrons, and collision with a water bath converts these into pure heat!

                With no radioactive waste.  They produce no carbon dioxide.  Nuclear power is the most toxic, polluting and uneconomic way to generate power!  Ground storing plutonium disguises the uneconomic nature of this industry.

                Our great27 grandchildren will still be paying to go with the radioactive waste!  As I pointed out in 1983 on my master’s degree in to engineering, nuclear power has never budgeted for the decommissioning expenses of it all plants!

                Which is why EDF has just got it’s an engineers to extend the life of the plants!  The plants were designed to fail after 25 years.  We get horrendously dangerous and expensive to operate outside this time.

                Self assessment is legally unwise!  The power station regulation of authority have a legal duty to shut such plants down.  After Chernobyl they should have shut down all nuclear plants operating in Britain.

                Yes legally liable for 100,000,000 pound fine power plant, for every year of operation after 1986!  This is a colossal find!  2.8 billion UK pounds!  This fine can be levied against the nuclear operators.

                Who will go bankrupt big time!  Positron electrons annihilation is a cheapest zero carbon Power System.  Nuclear fission of enriched uranium is the most toxic, polluting and expensive way he to generate power!

                Carbon increases life.  Nuclear power kills it.  They are even the most toxic zero carbon option!  There is no excuse to allow nuclear power to continue for another day!


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