Saturday, 24 November 2012

Stupid science

24 November 2012

                As every scientist on earth knows each day global photosynthesis continues until average carbon dioxide levels fall below the lower limit for photosynthesis!

                Cities are too minuscule an area to have any global significance!  They just boost plant growth in the 2 kilometer arable area around the city.

                Even forest fires just increased plant growth in the immediate area.  They can’t increase average global carbon dioxide levels.  They are strictly limited by algae, bacteria and green plants doing photosynthesis.

                They build carbohydrates and excrete oxygen!  Animals eat the carbohydrates and breathe in the oxygen-the waste gas of plants!  They are in a dynamic balance.  So is plant life increases so does animal life.

                Man’s carbon emissions only increases life on earth.  It does not affect the gas composition of the air.  So has no effect on the global weather systems.  That is controlled exclusively by solar emission cycles.  Nothing to do man!

                The only technology of mankind’s which has global significance; is toxic nuclear fission!  Nuclear power causes death on a continental scale!  And could affect the weather.  It certainly affects death on the the a global scale.

                The Permian age have five times the natural level of carbon dioxide in the air.  And 1000 year ice age.

                The Jurassic age had no fossil fuels, 65% more life on earth and sea levels 60 metres lower-between the three natural ice ages.

                They fossil fuels formed from the carbohydrates from 85% all life on earth that died with the dinosaurs.  Burning these fuels increases life in the active environment.

                Shining an electric heating element through a crystal produces a stream of positrons!  As these pass through a water bath, they annihilate with a valency electrons.  Generating massive heat!  4.5x1015 Watts of power!

                Your own heart generates gamma wave radiation as it beats!  Turning water into helium and oxygen gases.  This is why you breathe out helium and oxygen.  And you can take your poles with a Geiger counter.

                Your heart does safe, clean and free molecular nuclear fusion!  Utilising regular water and no toxic enriched uranium!  You breathe out inert helium and a trace of ozone gases.  Totally safe.  And four times as energetic as toxic nuclear fission!

                Which turns enriched uranium is the mass of the toxic plutonium and strontium!  Waterfalls also do molecular nuclear fusion!  Which he is the subject on my next book.

                My first book is 13388277 ‘ultrasound and cancer’ by Jonathan Thomason.  Explaining how ultrasound at 150 W 40 kHz clears cancerous cells from the body at one appointment!

                With no disfiguring cancer and no use of expensive drunks and medicines.  One appointment-and a total cure!

                Even if you have unwisely take in there drugs to stop cancer division!  The cancer cells are still overinflated and under supported.  So ultrasound will cure.  By the book!  It may save your life and those of your family and friends.

                My book on molecular nuclear fusion is still a work in progress!  It is available on Amazon Kendall. ‘waterfalls do fusion’.  I have sold 114 copies, even in its unfinished form.

                My next book will be a about antimatter annihilation.  A much better idea!  And totally clean and non polluting.  No production of toxic plutonium-not even the carbon dioxide which increases life on earth!

                Oil and gas are looking massively overpriced!  And nuclear fission has always been overpriced toxic death!

                The climate change guys must be ecstatic!  To realise that global photosynthesis meant there never could be a global increase of carbon dioxide.  History shows that carbon dioxide levels only rise in natural ice ages anywhere!  It is a classic climate follower.

                Antimatter annihilation is 100 times more energetic than toxic nuclear fission.  It utilises a trickle of electrons the earth supplies for free!  And once started utilises 50 W to drive our 100 MW power station.

                It is not power petrol motion, as we convert electrons into pure energy!  Using Einstein’s equation E=mc2.  Even their minuscule mass of an electron yields staggering amounts of energy!

                Solar radiation bombards the earth with five tonnes of electrons a day.  Even a single electron will power a city for a day.  With no carbon dioxide production: we leave the carbon cycle to nature.

                Photosynthesis meant there never could be an increase of average carbon dioxide in the air due to man.  All the scientists who ever thought climate change was only other than nuclear fiction need to reset high school biology!

                Antimatter annihilation; by a positron and electron interaction will power the future.  Nuclear fission is the least green technology that will ever exist!  Toxic death on a putrid stick.


Jonathan Thomason

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