Friday, 16 November 2012

The new idea


16 November 2012

                You protested that me observing that photosynthesis limited the level of free carbon dioxide in the air to a static level of two parts per 1,000,000 says levels fell at the end of the little ice age, was not new news.  It totally demolished man made climate change though.

                Which said nothing, other than manmade global warming was wrong!  A static trace gas perturbed nothing.  So both concepts where nuclear fiction!

                Then I started thinking about positron electrons annihilation.  It turned out that shining a beam of electrons on a crystal morphed it into positrons: within the crystal electrically neutral.

                This idea was published by physicists in the 1980s.  It is staggering!  So atomic antimatter is trivial to produce!  This is a sort of science chemical engineers have been waiting for.

                So an electric heating element shining on a crystal, will produce a stream of positrons: the most powerful heat source in the universe!  A totally new idea.

                To which you have never even responded!  Power with no carbon dioxide or toxic fission waste.  Things are looking bad for nuclear power!

                Even today there are toxic, polluting and uneconomic: the latter fact they disguise by not reprocessing their waste.  I note today that EDF are being fined for trying to land fill a low level radioactive waste.

                Sellafield is full!  No port there were routinely handle own reprocessed nuclear waste.  The new proposed nuclear facilities at Hinkley point etc, would have no way of disposing of their toxic waste.

                Existing nuclear facilities are the air down to shut down because of the reprocessing problem!  There is no home for their radioactive waste.

                Meanwhile antimatter matter annihilations, using positrons and electrons generates no solid radioactive waste.  Turning the sub atomic particles into heat and gamma wave radiation.

                This would be such a nice bit of science for Sheffield University to publish.  Unfortunately their research funders climat rarely include nuclear power.  Who would be livid.  As this development destroys their existing industry.

                And stops the construction of any new plants.

Jonathan Thomason

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