Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Two much helium


28 November 2012

                Is has been found there is 5.125 parts per million helium in the air!  I presume this will be near a city centre.  As internal combustion engines produce helium as they do molecular nuclear fusion.

                Here the turbulent flow of steam or high pressure water turns H20 into helium and free radical oxygen.  The turbulence required to overcome the strong atomic force for hydrogen ions is under one atmosphere pressure.

                Where ever we can detect helium or ozone.  Nature is doing MNF.

H2O + O2 -> He+O3+E+γ

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                All the helium produced is lost to space every day!  This represents 1030 of energy.  A colossal amount.  For more in a day than man is ever generated in a lifetime.

                There are other sources of ozone.  There are no non nuclear sources of helium and gamma wave radiation.  And there are just not enough sources of nuclear fission to generate 1/10000000th of that amount of helium.

                Your own beating heart gets in on the act!  Which is why you breathe out helium gas-though you do not breathe any in!  You can also take your poles with a Geiger counter.

                Or fields of green crops in light produce helium, ozone and gamma wave radiation.  So do waterfalls!  Deep water.  The deep sea currents.  Even growing bacteria and fungi.

                60% of the energy biology uses the cannon fire molecular nuclear fusion.  This is completely non toxic!  I’m like nuclear fission.  Which every quarter of a century sprays radioactivity around this planet!

                Think Windscale, 3 Mile Island, Chernobyl and two years ago Fukushima.  That is what nuclear power does.  The least green industry that will ever exist.

                It is uneconomic compared to burning natural gas.  It also produces more carbon dioxide-due to its rapid plant turnover utilising hundreds of tons of concrete.

                Extra carbon dioxide increases local plant growth.  The level of carbon dioxide in the global air has remained static for two centuries.  A static trace gases affects nothing!  Particularly not the weather-the most dynamic system on earth.

                Only nuclear power is large enough to do that!  And has up all those who remember the nuclear winter around the Chernobyl plant after it blew up.

                Nuclear power produces plutonium and strontium.  How could he ever be green?  Plants taking carbon dioxide to grow.  Imposing a strict limit of free carbon dioxide in the global air.

                He each day since the industrial revolution plant life has increased five 0.00004%.  Free carbon dioxide in the air is still at the Prix industrial 2 parts per million.  You were taught this in high school biology!

                Or university professors who have written spurious scientific papers about carbon dioxide in the weather should not be in education.

                The way forwards is molecular nuclear fusion.  A steam plasma in a glass tube self sustains at four atmospheres pressure.  Turning regular water into heat!  With no toxic end product.

                Not any life increasing carbon dioxide!  That is a green technology!  As done by waterfalls all over the world.


Jonathan Thomason

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