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Cancer is history

15 December 2012

                From 2002 the Moffitt cancer centre in Florida have experimented with high intensity focused ultrasound: and found that it is a one appointment cure to prostate cancer.

                It attacks the intrinsic nature of cancer.  Which grows in an uncontrolled single cell fashion-so lacking support from the multi cellular dendrite mesh.  Normal body cells bud off the stem cells, and I’ve got along the dendrite mesh into position.

                The dendrites would prevent any inappropriate tissue formation.  Which is why he cancer has to grow in a single cell fashion.

                To gain a vitality cancer cells are overinflated and hard!  So they are both are unsupported and over inflated.

                Is has been known since the 1950s that cancer cells would shelf on ultrasound: and presumably medics tried ultrasound at a success in detecting cracks in metals.

                When exposed to low power ultrasound cancer as all as the sound, and heats up by 2° C!  They convert some of the cell content water into helium and oxygen gases-plus loads of heat.

                Your mitochondria and heartbeat do this naturally: which is why you breathe out helium and ozone gases, and you can take your poles with a Geiger counter.  Your powered in part by your body doing molecular nuclear fusion from regular water.

                All biology on earth does this!  Cancer cells do more of it.

                The Moffitt tried exposing cancer cells are high intensity ultrasound.  Suddenly the cancer did fatal levels of molecular nuclear fusion.  You want ultrasound at 50 W 40 kHz.  Emitted externally through a 10 CM one ended guide cylinder.

                Then only the cancer cells heat up-the more placid body cells I just pleasantly walmed.  Cancer cell heats up past 60 C: at 140 degrees C the cells fragment explosively!

                This damages body cells adjacent to the cancer!  The dendrite is sensitive to this damage.  It makes and actions the specific antibodies to new cell types locally.

                The cancer cell is there removed throughout the body!  Primary cells were destroyed by the ultrasound.  All secondary cells are removed by the blood systems.  The body cells are replaced seamlessly from the multi cellular stem cells.

                The Moffitt has hit on the cure to all cancers.  But a one appointment cure gives you no income stream!  The estimate backed off from trying HIFU the on other cancers.

                They have been routinely curing prostate cancer for a decade.  Two years ago air drug company was employing them on biochemical trials!  They have the cure to all cancers!

                There is nothing special about prostate cancer.  There are six common enzymes utilised by all cancers.  So there are six: human antibodies.  I intend working week Cambridge University are producing them.

                For all cancers now are curable!  The hardest one is childhood leukaemia.  Which requires the application of ultrasound to a major body artery for 10 sections.

                Costing 350 UK pounds.  Transplanting embryonic stem cells from placenta of a blood relative costs 16,000 pounds.

                These non differentiated cells are seen by the immune system as non native and dangerous!  So the dendrite mesh generates antibodies to all from tissue locally.  It may cure leukemia.  It will certainly get medics A good income stream.

                To cure leukemia the family needs to buy a suitable ultrasound kit off the Internet!  And applying the ultrasound down a one ended external he held guide cylinder.  Of disease!

                No some more work for all body cancers!  People within the NHS have been evaluating this technology for eight years.  Presumably they found that it worked, and would generate no income!  So abandoned the technology and the 0.5 million people a year in England whose lives were doing totally saved!

                Cancer has been cured!  But it does not involve the drug companies.

Jonathan Thomason

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