Saturday, 22 December 2012

Curing diseases!

22 December 2012

                150 W 40 kHz ultrasound applied externally will cure all cancers!  By estimating production of the human antibody to cancer: of which there are six common enzymes!

                Medics reactions to this is very interesting: ‘we cannot make any money at a this’ they protest as early as interest.  Excuse me: I’ve told you had to cure all cancers.

                Or you are interested in is making money!  And by prolonging somebody is painful, agonising umpires and death!  A one appointment cure you are not interested in!

                Like with HIV: I have told you how to stimulate production of the human antibody.  Using interleukin two and four at concentrations C and recovering from illness!  IL-2 at 300pg/ml of blood. IL-4 at 150pg/ml.

                Again medics are only interested in treatments-not outright cures!  You can also use interleukin two and four to cure the common cold!  Outright – which will stop the development of the diseases of age.

                Application of medical ultrasound to the pancreas will cure type one & two diabetes.  At one session.


Jonathan Thomason

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