Wednesday, 5 December 2012

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5 December 2012

                Did high school biology!  They were taught that global photosynthesis metabolises all extra carbon dioxide to increased life on earth.

                On a biology or engineering degree you learn this is down to A static two parts per million!  Air a level that can only increase in a natural ice age.

                In prehistory photosynthesis was less efficient!  It left twice the carbon dioxide in the air.  But it supported 65% more life on earth-as there were no fossil fuels!  At the time sea levels were 60 metres lower-outside the three natural ice ages.

                All talk of carbon emissions are is spurious fiction from the base stooges to nuclear power.  Designed to terrify the science stupid.  It goes without saying that nobody that scientifically ignorant should be employed in the media.

                This is why no rational scientist has even contemplated manmade global warming as a biggest possibility says 2003!  It is doubtful that a real scientist ever entertained manmade global warming as her thing other and science fiction from nuclear power.


Jonathan Thomason

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